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Karim Mahamane Karimou
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Hello, I am the maintainer of the DfM-Creator, from the DictionaryForMIDs project (
We mostly create bi-lingual dictionaries free for download. We've been searching for how to parse wiktionary and extract bilingual dictionaries from it, for a while without success. I personally love English Dictionary Offline and French Dictionary Offline, from your project. I use them everyday while reading my books with FBReader and Moon+ Reader.

Please, kindly help me and provide me with information on how to obtain dictionaries from the Wiktionaries, as you do. If possible, I would like to be able to produce, dictionaries like the ones you provide, but for all languages. Our dicitonaries are used on Java_ME MIDP phones/smartphones.

This would really be apreciated. Kindly think about this.


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Web site
Hi Karim,
dictionaries from the Wiktionaries can be retrieved from the following web site:

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