• (British) IPA: /ɪʃ/
  1. (of adjectives from common nouns) Typical of, similar to, being like.
    Her face had a girlish charm.
  2. (of adjectives from adjectives, with a diminutive force) Somewhat, rather.
    Her face had a greenish tinge.
  3. (of adjectives from numbers, especially of times and ages) About, approximately.
    We arrived at tennish;  We arrived tennish. (Sometime around ten.)
    I couldn't tell his precise age, but he looked fiftyish.
  4. (of adjectives from roots of proper nouns denoting names of nations or regions) Of, belonging or relating to (a nationality, place, language or similar association with something).
    British, Cornish, Danish, English, Finnish, Irish, Jewish, Kentish, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish etc.
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  • German: -isch
  • Portuguese: -ês, -esa, -eses, -esas
  • Russian: -ский
  • Spanish: -és, -esa

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