• IPA: /əl/, /l̩/
  1. A frequentative suffix of verbs, indicating repetition or continuousness:
    assle, buzzle, crackle, cuddle, dazzle, draggle, drawl, dribble, drizzle, fumble, gamble, grapple, handle, jostle, kissle, maddle, mingle, nestle, nuzzle, prattle, ramble, rattle, ripple, scribble, sile, sizzle, smartle, sniffle, snuggle, startle, stopple, suckle, tattle, tickle, topple, waggle, whemmle, wiggle, wrestle
Translations Suffix
  1. A suffix forming adjectives from verbs with the meaning of "prone to", "tending to", "apt to", "capable of"; compare -ative:
    battle, breakle, brittle, fickle, forgettle, little, newfangle, nimble, wankle
  1. A suffix forming agent nouns from verbs:
    beadle, beetle, bridle, bundle, cripple, fettle, girdle, ladle, losel, runnel, shovel, spindle, spittle, steeple, stile, stopple, thimble, tool, towel, trundle
Suffixcln en
  1. A suffix forming diminutives from other nouns; compare -ling:
    bramble, dimple, dingle, hatchel, hosel, hovel, gomeral, kernel, newel, nozzle, puckle, treddle

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