• (phoneme) IPA: /b/ (see also Pronunciation under Translingual)
  • (letter name) IPA: /biː/
  1. Letter of the English alphabet

b (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of b.

  • (phoneme) IPA: /b/
  • (letter name) IPA: /biː/
  1. Letter of the English alphabet
    • 1945 August 17, George Orwell [pseudonym; Eric Arthur Blair], chapter 3, in Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, London: Secker & Warburg, OCLC 3655473 ↗:
      Boxer could not get beyond the letter D. He would trace out A, B, C, D, in the dust with his great hoof […]
  1. (cricket) the number of balls faced by a batsman
  2. The quantity one billion (1,000,000,000), usually used to signify a sum of money
    $2.8 B — “two point eight billion dollars” (i.e., $2,800,000,000)
  3. (British) The grade of pencil that makes darker marks than grade HB but lighter marks than grade 2B; a pencil with soft lead.
  4. (chess) Bishop
  5. (music) bass.
  6. (immunology) A B cell.

b (plural bs)

  1. A personality type of someone who is relaxed and easygoing and able to engage in leisure activities without worrying about work.
  2. An academic grade, better than a C and worse than an A
  3. Signifies a second-tier or second class of a given commodity, group, or category, as in B-movie, B-list, etc.
    The television studio revived some of its B characters for the spinoff.
  4. Alternate or secondary part, as the back side of a phonograph record. Contrasted with A, which is the primary part.
  5. (music) The seventh note in the C major scale.
  • French: si
  • German: H
  • French: o octet
Proper noun
  1. (computer languages) A programming language from which C is derived.

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