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caf (plural cafs)

  1. (informal) A café.
    • 2008, Carlos Frías, Take Me with You: A Memoir:
      Fourth on the list of the businesses my father and his brothers had owned was a caf on the corner of San Ignacio and Lamparilla in Old Havana.
  2. (informal) A cafeteria.
    • 2005, Amy Davis, Adam Burns, Michigan State University, page 49:
      There are plenty of restaurants to choose from when you're sick of the ol’ caf food.
    • 2009, Lili St. Crow, Betrayals:
      Locked, empty classrooms on either side, other halls opening up to go down to the caf, two janitors' closets. Janitors' closets. Great. One was locked.
  3. A caffeinated coffee.
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Proper noun
  1. Initialism of Canadian Armed Forces
  2. (Canada, military, aviation) Canadian Air Force, predecessor of the Royal Canadian Air Force
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