cD (plural cDs)

  1. (astronomy) a type of giant elliptical galaxy

  • IPA: /ˌsiːˈdiː/


  1. (now, rare) The corps diplomatique, or diplomatic corps of a particular country.
    • 1955, Graham Greene, The Quiet American:
      Along the route to Tanyin flowed a fast stream of staff and C.D. cars.
    • 1978, Kingsley Amis, Jake's Thing, Vintage 2007, p. 8:
      Jake lengthened his stride and crossed the road in front of a double-parked car, large, black and with CD plates.
  2. Compact disc; a form of digital media that is based on the use of a laser to read from a plastic disc in a reader device.
  3. Certificate of deposit (from a financial institution).
  4. Creative director: head of the creative department (for example of an advertising agency).
  5. Corporate design: specific design features of a company, corporate identity CI.
  6. Collision detection (used by an Ethernet network to detect when two computers are sending frames at the same time, and also to deal with such collisions when they happen).
  7. Initialism of chart datum
  8. Initialism of cross-dresser
  9. (chemistry, physics) Initialism of circular dichroism
  10. (immunology, biochemistry) Initialism of cluster of differentiation
  • French: CD
  • German: CD
  • Portuguese: CD
  • Russian: CD
  • Spanish: CD

cD (cDs, present participle cDing; past and past participle cDed)

  1. To cross-dress.
    • 1993 January 5, "Tierney Dhewitrei" (username), about me, is it familiar?, in alt.transgendered, Usenet:
      By now I did not feel right without a bra and panties whenever I CD'ed.

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