1. Abbreviation of cluster fuck#English|cluster fuck.
  2. (baseball) Abbreviation of center field#English|center field.
  3. (baseball) Abbreviation of center fielder#English|center fielder.
  4. (finance) Abbreviation of cash flow#English|cash flow.
  5. (health) Abbreviation of cystic fibrosis#English|cystic fibrosis.
  6. (computing) Abbreviation of Collaborative filtering.
  7. (textiles, sewing) center front, a line on a pattern marking the center on the front side of a piece of clothing
  8. Initialism of Charlie Foxtrot#English|Charlie Foxtrot.
Proper noun
  1. (Canada, military) Abbreviation of Canadian Forces#English|Canadian Forces.
  2. (computing) Abbreviation of .NET Compact Framework.

CF (not comparable)

  1. child-free
  • French: FC

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