• IPA: /kə.ˈnʌk/, /kə.ˈnʊk/

Canuck (plural Canucks)

  1. (Canada, US, informal, sometimes, derogatory) A Canadian, sometimes especially a French Canadian.
    • 1849, James Edward Alexander, L'Acadie; or, Seven Years' Explorations in British America ↗, v 1, London: Henry Colburn, pp 272–3:
      We saw a few partridges: we also met a lusty fellow in a forest road with a keg of whisky slung round him, who called to us ‘Come boys and have some grog, I'm what you call a canuck:’ a (Canadian).
    • 1889, John G. Donkin, Trooper and Redskin in the Far North-West: Recollections of Life in the North-West Mounted Police, Canada, 1884-1888, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, page 148:
      It is a pity these Canadian militiamen spoilt the good work they had done by never-failing bluster. But for pure and unadulterated brag I will back the lower-class Canuck against the world. The Yankee is a very sucking dove compared to his northern neighbour.
  2. The French-Canadian dialect.
    • 1904, Holman Francis Day, “Song of the Men o' the Ax: Verse Stories of the Plain Folk Who Are Keeping Bright the Old Home Fires Up in Maine”, in Kin o' Ktaadn, page 145:
      On the deacon-seat in the leapin' heat / With the corn-cobs drawin' cool and sweet, / And timin' the fiddle with tunkin' feet, / A hundred men and a chorus. / “Roule, roulant, ma boule roulant,” / all Canuck but a good song; / Lift it up then, good and strong, / for a cozy night's before us.
  3. (rare) A thing from Canada.
    • 1887: Grip (Toronto), 19 February, page 3:
      Who'll buy my caller herrin'? / Cod, turbot, ling, delicious herrin', / Buy my caller herrin', / They're every one Kanucks!
  4. (US, obsolete) A Canadian pony or horse.
  5. (ice hockey) A member of the Vancouver Canucks professional NHL ice hockey team.
  6. The Avro Canada CF-100 fighter-interceptor.
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  • Russian: кана́дец


  1. (informal, occasionally construed as derogatory) Canadian.
    • 1887, Grip (Toronto), 5 March, pp 1–2:
      Well, what do you think of the Canuck elections?

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