• (New Zealand) IPA: /ˈjʊ(ə)ɹəp/, /ˈjʉəɹɘp/
  • (British) IPA: /ˈjʊəɹəp/, /ˈjɔːɹəp/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈjʊɹəp/, /ˈjɝəp/
Proper noun
  1. The portion of Eurasia west of the Urals, traditionally considered a continent in its own right, located north of Africa, west of Asia and east of the Atlantic Ocean.
    How can Europe exist without the European Union?
  2. A political entity; the European Union.
  3. (UK, Ireland) Continental Europe, typically the western portion, and excluding the island nations or the larger Mediterranean islands.
  4. (soccer) International club competitions operated by UEFA, the sport's governing body for Europe.
    • “Man City out of Europe as Arsenal lose again”, in (Please provide the title of the work)‎, ESPN (UK), 4 December 2012, retrieved 5 December 2012
      Manchester City crashed out of Europe on Tuesday as Borussia Dortmund ended their hopes of qualifying for the Europa League.
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