• (British) IPA: /fɔːˈməʊ.sə/
  • (America) IPA: /fɔɹˈmoʊ.sə/, /fɔɹˈmoʊ.zə/
Proper noun
  1. The island of Taiwan as named by Portuguese mariners in 1544.
    Synonyms: Taiwan
    • These two islands are in the area of freedom. The Nationalists have these two islands. We should not force our Nationalist allies to get off of them and give them to the Communists. If we do that, we start a chain reaction, because the Communists aren't after Quemoy and Matsu, they're after Formosa.
  2. A province in northern Argentina.
  3. A city in Argentina, capital of Formosa Province.
  • French: Formose
  • German: Formosa
  • Portuguese: Formosa
  • Russian: Формо́за

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