• (British, America) IPA: /dʒɛˈnɛ.tɪks/
  • IPA: /dʒə.ˈnɛ.tɪks/

genetics (uncountable)

  1. (biology, genetics) The branch of biology that deals with the transmission and variation of inherited characteristics, in particular chromosomes and DNA.
  2. (biology, genetics) The genetic makeup of a specific individual or species.
    • 2005, Mark Linden O’Meara, The Feeling Soul: A Roadmap to Healing and Living, Soul Care Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9680459-2-3, page 45 ↗:
      As a result of your father’s, mother’s, and their parents genetics, you are born with a genetic structure that is dealt to you at conception. […] Our ancestry determines our genetics.
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