• IPA: /ˈd͡ʒɪ

gypsy (plural gypsies)

  1. (sometimes, offensive) Alternative form of Gypsy: a member of the Romani people.
  2. (colloquial) An itinerant person or any person, not necessarily Romani; a tinker, a traveller or a carny.
    • circa 1606 William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, Act II, Scene 7,
      Like a right gypsy, hath, at fast and loose, Beguiled me to the very heart of loss.
  3. (sometimes, offensive) A move in contra dancing in which two dancers walk in a circle around each other while maintaining eye contact (but not touching as in a swing). (Compare whole gyp, half gyp, and gypsy meltdown, in which this step precedes a swing.)
  4. (theater) A member of a Broadway musical chorus line.
  5. (dated) A person with a dark complexion.
  6. (dated) A sly, roguish woman.
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gypsy (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of Gypsy: of or belonging to the Romani people.
  2. (offensive) Of or having the qualities of an itinerant person or group with qualities traditionally ascribed to Romani people; making a living from dishonest practices or theft etc.

gypsy (gypsies, present participle gypsying; past and past participle gypsied)

  1. (intransitive) To roam around the country like a gypsy.
  2. To perform the gypsy step in contra dancing.
    • 1992 April 7, [email protected], contra-gypsies, in rec.folk-dancing, Usenet:
      Look at the person you're gypsying with, and convey the message that you notice them as a person and that you're glad that they're there, […]
    • 1998, September 9, Jonathan Sivier, Contra Corners - followed by gypsy, in rec.folk-dancing, Usenet:
      The only one I know of is The Tease by Tom Hinds which starts with the actives gypsying and then swinging their neighbors and ends with contra […]

  • (British, GA) IPA: /ˈd͡ʒɪ

gypsy (plural Gypsies)

  1. (sometimes, offensive) A member of the Romani people, or one of the sub-groups (Roma, Sinti, Romanichal, etc).
  2. A member of other nomadic peoples, not only of the Romani people; a traveller. Alternative spelling of gypsy
Synonyms Translations Proper noun
  1. (rare, sometimes, offensive) The language Romani.
  2. A female given name.
    • 1894, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Gypsy Breynton, page 130:
      "Why, good afternoon, Miss Gypsy," said Sir Simms; "I'm surprised to see you such a warm day — very much surprised. But you always were a remarkable young lady ..."

gypsy (not comparable)

  1. (sometimes, offensive) Of or belonging to the Romani people or one of it sub-groups (Roma, Sinti, Romanichel, etc).

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