House of Lords
Proper noun
  1. The upper chamber of the UK's Houses of Parliament
Synonyms Translations
  • French: Chambre des Lords
  • German: House of Lords, Oberhaus, Haus ab Leiberwarten
  • Italian: Camera dei lord
  • Portuguese: Câmara dos Lordes
  • Russian: пала́та ло́рдов
  • Spanish: Cámara de los Lores

House of Lords

  1. (UK, jocular euphemism slang, dated) A lavatory: a room used for urination and defecation.
    • 1967 December 21, The Listener, p. 802:
      In between you have the Business Man Jocular: ‘I say, where's the geography, old son?’ or ‘When you need the House of Lords, it's through there.’
  2. (Scotland, jocular euphemism slang, uncommon) A urinal.

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