Proper noun
  1. International Business Machines.
  2. International Brotherhood of Magicians.
  • Russian: Ай-Би-Э́м

IBM (plural IBMs)

  1. Intercontinental ballistic missile.
    • 1956, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (volume 12, number 6, June 1956, page 186)
      They see this last possibility in an international agreement to stop further atomic and thermonuclear bomb tests and halt the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles (IBMs).
  2. (figuratively) A company that dominates its field.
    • 1968, George Washington University, Computers-in-Law Institute, National Law Center, The Law of Software: 1968 Proceedings:
      Univac was the IBM of the computer industry's incipiency; in 1952 Univac had virtually 100% of the market.

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