Ionian (not comparable)

  1. Relating to the Hellenic people of that name.
  2. Ionic, of Ionia, the ancient (ca 1100 BC) region including western Asia Minor and the adjacent Aegean Islands occupied by the Ionian people.
  3. (architecture) Ionic
  4. Relating to Io, one of the moons of the planet Jupiter
    Bagenal, Dowling & McKinnon (2007), Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites and Magnetosphere. Cambridge University Press, p. 313.
    Despite the variations in Ionian vulcanism ...
Related terms Noun

Ionian (plural Ionians)

  1. A member of the Ionians, one of the races of Ancient Greece.
  2. (geology, paleontology) A subdivision of the Pleistocene epoch.

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