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  1. Letter of the English alphabet

j (plural js)

  1. (slang) A term for a marijuana cigarette ('joint').
    "I went outside to smoke myself a J" — Paul Simon, from the song "Late in the Evening" from the album, "One Trick Pony."
  2. (mathematics) An alternative version of i, the positive square root of -1; used in the context of electronics.
  3. (mathematics) The second unit vector, after i

  • IPA: /d͡ʒeɪ/
  1. Letter of the English alphabet


  1. (slang) (plural Js or J's) A marijuana cigarette. (Abbreviation of joint#Noun|joint.)
  2. In the name of a serial publication: abbreviation of journal#English|Journal.
  3. (law, postnominal) (plural JJ) Abbreviation of judge#English|judge or justice#English|justice.
  4. (Britain, road transport) Abbreviation of junction#English|junction.
    The Highways Agency plan to close J10 of the M5 to refurbish the motorway bridge.
  5. (card games) The eleventh playing card in a suit: abbreviation of jack.
  • French: V (valet)
  • German: B (Bauer)
  • Portuguese: V (valete)
  • Russian: В
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