Proper noun
  1. The Jura Mountains, a mountain range on the border of France and Switzerland, extending into Germany.
    • 1862, Author not identified, The Fir-Tree of the Jura, The Fir-Tree of the Jura and Other Stories, Oliphants Juvenile Series, page 7 ↗,
      On one of the western slopes of the Jura, looking towards France, stood the feudal mansion of Grammont.
  2. A département of France. [Created 1790.]
  3. A canton in Switzerland. [Created 1979.]
    • 2004, Jan Oskar Engene, Terrorism in Western Europe: Explaining the Trends Since 1950, page 158 ↗,
      This parallel is the Jura conflict. While the cantonal structure in Switzerland largely follows linguistic lines, the predominantly French-speaking Jura had for a long time until recently been a part of the German-speaking canton of Bern.
  4. An island in the inner Hebrides of Scotland.
    • 1839, Jura, entry in Thomas Curtis (editor), The London Encyclopaedia, page 275 ↗,
      Between the north end of Jura and the small isle of Skarba there is a famous whirlpool, called Cory-vrekan, from Brecan, son of a king of Denmark, who perished in this gulph.
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  • German: Jura, Département Jura
  • Italian: Giura
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