kb (plural kbs)

  1. Abbreviation of kilobar#English|kilobar.
  2. (genetics) Abbreviation of kilobase#English|kilobase.
  3. (computing, plural "kb" or "kbs") Abbreviation of kilobit#English|kilobit.
  4. (computing, plural "kbs") Abbreviation of keyboard#English|keyboard.
Related terms
  • (computing) kib


kb (plural kbs)

  1. (computer science) Initialism of knowledge base
  2. (prison slang) Initialism of knockback
    • 1975, John Eryl Hall Williams, Changing Prisons (page 81)
      […] has had a 'K.B.' (knock-back) by being turned down for parole is something which the prison staff have had to learn to deal with […]
    • 1989, Michael Bettsworth, Marking Time: A Prison Memoir (page 160)
      My subsequent misconduct in prison had many inmate friends telling me that I would receive a knock-back. […] At least I feel the wheels are rolling onwards and if I get a KB I am passing time.
Proper noun
  1. (astronomy) Initialism of Kuiper Belt
Proper noun
  1. West Kalimantan in Borneo

kb (uncountable)

  1. (slang) High-grade marijuana.

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