lower house

lower house (plural lower houses)

  1. One of the two parts of a parliament in some countries; in several cases, the one that is directly elected and/or has more practical power, such as the power to raise and spend money.
    • 2019, Olarn, Kocha; Regan, Helen (2019-02-08), “This princess could be the next prime minister of Thailand”, in CNN International Edition, Cable News Network, retrieved 2019-02-08
      In March, Thais will vote for the 500-seat lower house of parliament. But the 250-member upper house, or Senate, will be chosen entirely by the military.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: chambre basse
  • German: Unterhaus
  • Italian: camera bassa
  • Portuguese: câmara baixa
  • Russian: ни́жняя пала́та
  • Spanish: cámara baja

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