Pronunciation Letter
  1. Letter of the English alphabet
  1. (grammar) Abbreviation of masculine#English|masculine.

m (plural ms)

  1. Abbreviation of meter#English|meter.
  2. Abbreviation of mile#English|mile.
  3. Abbreviation of month#English|month.
  4. Abbreviation of minute#English|minute.
    • 1908, Francis Ernest Lloyd, The Physiology of Stomata (Carnegie Institution of Washington), page 83 ↗:
      Another instance: 2h28m p. m., 10 micra; 3h08m p. m., 0 micra; irrigated with water: 3h09m p. m., 4 micra.
  5. Abbreviation of million#English|million.
  6. (music) Abbreviation of measure#English|measure.
  7. (obsolete) thousand
    1798 Letter ↗ from to Thomas Jefferson
    Having made a divorce with politics as I have already mentioned I have only to trouble you on my personal affairs ... —The principle & most pressing is that of the 9. m. dollars—
  1. (knitting) make
    • 2011, Kristi Porter, Knitting Patterns For Dummies (page 232)
      Row 1 (RS): Kfb, knit to marker A, slip marker A, knit to marker B (there are no sts to knit between markers A and B in Row 1), m1, slip marker B, k1, slip marker B, m1, […]
  • Russian: м
  • Russian: м
  • Russian: м
  • Russian: млн

Pronunciation Letter
  1. Letter of the English alphabet


  1. Initialism of mother
  2. Initialism of male
  3. Initialism of mature
  4. Abbreviation of nautical mile#English|nautical mile.
  5. (entomology) Initialism of media
  6. (size) Initialism of medium
  7. (slang) Initialism of morphine
    • 1952, Woman's Home Companion (volume 79, page 141)
      [Doctors] always carry narcotic prescription blanks and some M with them. M is morphine.
    • 2009, Larry Harrison, Glimpses of a Floating World (page 142)
      'You were going to get me some M,' she whispered in his ear. […] His friend uses morphine, too.
  8. (cricket, in batting figures) the number of minutes a player spent at the crease
  9. (cricket, in bowling figures) the number of maiden overs bowled

m (plural Messrs)

  1. Monsieur
Proper noun
  1. Monday
  2. (US, roadway) Michigan. Usage note: this designation is usually used only within Michigan.

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