midi (not comparable)

  1. Having a hemline at mid-calf length.

midi (plural midis)

  1. A coat or skirt having such a hemline.
  2. Synonym of Berliner#English|Berliner (“newspaper format”)

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. Abbreviation of Musical Instrument Digital Interface}.
    MIDI channel number 10 is reserved for percussion.
    • 1987, Byte (volume 12, issues 10-11, page 126)
      The podules Acorn plans to release include network cards (for Econet and Ethernet), ROM cards containing application software, a MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) sound card, an extended I/O card, […]

midi (plural midis)

  1. (informal) A computerized music file in the MIDI format.

Proper noun
  1. The south of France.

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