• (more anglicized) IPAchar /ˈməz.ləm/, IPAchar /ˈmʌz.lɪm/
  • (closer to Arabic) IPAchar /ˈmʊs.lɪm/~IPAchar /ˈmʊs.ləm/
  1. A person who is a follower and believer of Islam.
    • 1626, Samuel Purchas, Purchas his Pilgrimage, or Relations of the World, fourth edition, page 1019: lines 19-21:
      It was gouerned by Macuac, which conditioned with Amrus that euery Egyptian should pay an Egyptian peece of Gold, and to entertaine three dayes euery Muslim which passed that way.
    • 2006, Howard Greenstein, Kendra G. Hotz, John Kaltner, What Do Our Neighbors Believe? (ISBN 1611644119):
      Muslims invented the concept of zero, which is a foundation for the numbering system used throughout the world.
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  1. Being or relating to a believer of Islam.
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