• IPA: /ˌmaɪ.sɪˈniːən/

Mycenaean (not comparable)

  1. Of or relating to ancient Mycenae or its inhabitants.
  2. Of or relating to the early Greek civilization that spread its influence from Mycenae to many parts of the Mediterranean region and Central Europe from about 2800 to 1100 BCE, divided into three periods: Early Helladic (c. 2800–2000 B.C.E), Middle Helladic (c. 2000–1500 B.C.E), and Late Helladic (c. 1500–1100 B.C.E)
  3. Of or relating to the Ancient Greek dialect written in the Linear B syllabary.
  • German: mykenisch
  • Portuguese: micênico
  • Russian: мике́нский

Mycenaean (plural Mycenaeans)

  1. A native or inhabitant of Mycenae.
  • Portuguese: micênico
Proper noun
  1. Mycenaean Greek

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