• (GA) IPA: /nɑɹˈsɪsəs/

narcissus (plural narcissuses or narcissi)

  1. Any of several bulbous flowering plants, of the genus Narcissus, having white or yellow cup- or trumpet-shaped flowers, notably the daffodil
  2. A beautiful young man, like the mythological Greek Narcissus
Proper noun
  1. (Greek mythology) A youth who spurned the love of Echo and fell in love with his own reflection in a pool: in some versions of the myth, he drowned trying to reach it, while in others he sat fixated until a god took pity and transformed him into a flower.
    • 1994, Ronald Bogue, Mihai Spariosu, The Play of the Self, [ page 34],
      We may now affirm that Plato's cave is inhabited by Narcissus. He already knows, but the knowledge he possesses is still a bit confused, obscure (this knowledge is situated in the caves of the memory, a dark space much like Narcissus’s place).
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