Proper noun
  1. (education, UK) Initialism of Oxford, Cambridge & RSA
  2. (politics, US) Initialism of Office for Civil Rights
  3. (religion) Initialism of Office of the Chief Rabbi


  1. (computing, uncountable) Initialism of optical character recognition
  2. (computing, countable) Initialism of optical character reader
  3. (sports, uncountable) Abbreviation of obstacle course racing.
  4. (sports, countable) Abbreviation of obstacle course race.
  • German: OZE (Optische Zeichenerkennung)

OCR (OCRs, present participle OCRing; past and past participle OCRed)

  1. (transitive) To perform optical character recognition upon.
    Google Book Search is a tool from Google that searches the full text of books that Google scans, OCRs, and stores in its digital database.

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