• (British) IPA: /ɒkˈtəʊbə/
  • (America) enPR: äk-tōʹbər, IPA: /ɑkˈtoʊbəɹ/, [ɑkˈtʰoʊbɚ]
Proper noun
  1. The tenth month of the Gregorian calendar, following September and preceding November. Abbreviation: Oct.
  2. (rare) A female given name.
    • 2002 January, Cincinnati Magazine, volume 35, number 4, page 138:
      The other one [book] I just read is October Suite by Maxine Clair (Random House, $23.95). It's about a woman named October. She's a young black schoolteacher in the 1950s ...
    • 2009, C.S. Graham, The Archangel Project (ISBN 0061982040), page 31:
      From somewhere in the distance came the screaming whine of an emergency vehicle's siren. Lance flipped open his phone. “Get me the address of a woman named October Guinness . . . That's right, October,” he said again, [...]

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