• IPA: /əˈɹaɪən/, /ɒˈɹaɪən/, /oʊˈɹaɪən/
Proper noun
  1. (Greek mythology) A giant-hunter, pursuer of the Pleiades and lover of Eos, and killed by Artemis.
  2. (constellation) A constellation on the celestial equator close to Gemini and Taurus, containing the stars Betelgeuse and Rigel.
  3. Surname
  4. A male given name of modern usage.
    • 1980 Wright Morris, Plains Song, for Female Voices, Harper&Row, ISBN 0060130474, page 113:
      In Madge's judgment, her Uncle Orion had suffered most of his life from the name he'd been given, requiring that people ask him to repeat it and boys his own age make fun of it.
  5. A female given name.
  6. Place names:
    1. A locality in the Central Highlands Region.
    2. A hamlet in County of Forty Mile No. 8, Alberta.
    3. A commune in Pyrenées-Atlantiques, France.
    4. A municipality in Bataan, Philippines.
    5. An unincorporated community in Pike County, Alabama, also known as Prospect Ridge.
    6. A ghost town in Kings County, California.
    7. A village in Henry County, Illinois.
    8. A town in Richland County, Wisconsin.
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