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  1. Alternative letter-case form of Oxford#English|Oxford (cloth)
  2. Alternative letter-case form of Oxford#English|Oxford (shoe)

  • (RP) enPR: ŏks'fəd, IPA: /ˈɒksfəd/
  • (RP, dated) enPR: ôks'fəd, IPA: /ˈɔːksfəd/
  • (GA, Canada) enPR: äks'fərd, IPA: /ˈɑksfɚd/
Proper noun
  1. A city in Oxfordshire, England.
  2. Oxford University.
  3. Surname derived from the city in England.
  4. A city/county seat in Lafayette County, Mississippi.
  5. A city in Ohio.
  6. A city in Alabama.
  7. A town in Massachusetts.
  8. A town in Connecticut, ;.
  9. A town/county seat in Granville County, North Carolina.
  10. A borough in Pennsylvania.
  11. A town in Maine, ;.
  12. A town/and/village in New York.
  13. A village in Michigan.
  14. A neighborhood of Edmonton.
  15. A city in Georgia, US.
  16. A town in Nova Scotia.
  17. A town in Indiana.
  18. CDP in New Jersey.
  19. A city in Kansas.
  20. A city in Iowa, ;.
  21. A village in Nebraska.
  22. A city in Arkansas.
  23. A town in Maryland.
  24. A town/and/village in Wisconsin.
  25. A city in Idaho.
  26. A settlement on Saint Croix.
  27. An unincorporated community in Colorado.
  28. An unincorporated community in Florida.
  29. An unincorporated community in Kentucky.
  30. An unincorporated community in West Virginia.
  31. A town in Canterbury, New Zealand.
  • French: Oxford
  • German: Oxford, Ochsenfurt
  • Italian: Oxford
  • Portuguese: Oxford, Oxónia (Portugal), Oxônia (Brazil)
  • Russian: О́ксфорд
  • Spanish: Oxford
  • French: l’université d’Oxford
  • Italian: l’università di Oxford
  • Portuguese: Universidade de Oxford
  • Russian: оксфордский
  • Spanish: universidad

oxford (plural oxfords)

  1. A variety of shoe, typically made of heavy leather.
    • 1908, O. Henry, A Tempered Wind
      We had to have a young lady assistant to help us work this graft; and I asked Buck if he knew of one to fill the bill.
      "One," says I, "that is cool and wise and strictly business from her pompadour to her Oxfords. No ex-toe-dancers or gum-chewers or crayon portrait canvassers for this."
  2. (by ellipsis) An Oxford Dictionary.

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