• IPA: /ˌpiː ˈɛm/


  1. Initialism of post meridiem The second half of the day, from noon (12:00:00) to (just before) midnight (23:59:59)
    Today the sun sets at 8:25 PM
    The shops are open from 9AM to 5PM
  2. Initialism of post mortem
  3. Initialism of prime minister
  4. private message
  5. personal message
  6. Initialism of price match
  7. Initialism of project management
  8. Initialism of project manager
  9. Initialism of performance management
  10. Initialism of perfect match
  11. Initialism of product manager
  12. (knitting) Initialism of place marker
  13. (electronics) Initialism of permanent magnet
  14. (with a number) Initialism of particulate matter
  15. Initialism of push money
Translations Verb

PM (PMs, present participle PMing; past and past participle PMed)

  1. To project manage.
  2. (internet, transitive) To send a private message to (a participant in a chat room, etc.).
    PM me if you want more information.

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