• IPA: /ˈpæləsˌtaɪn/
  • IPA: /ˈpæləsˌtiːn/ i uncommon
Proper noun
  1. (geography) The region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.
  2. The West Bank and Gaza Strip, taken collectively, with or without other territorial claims, especially if considered to be (the site of) the State of Palestine.
  3. The territory of the State of Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip combined, taken to be the rightful homeland of the Palestinian people by some
  4. (historical, technical) A British colonial entity administering approximately the lands mentioned in definition 3.
  5. (historical, technical, rare) The British League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, of which this region was a part (the remainder being Transjordan, which covered approximately the lands of the modern Kingdom (originally Emirate) of Jordan).
  6. (historical) Any of four Ancient Roman and Byzantine provinces in the eastern Mediterranean: Syria Palaestina, Palaestina Prima, Palaestina Secunda and Palaestina Salutaris.
  7. A city/county seat in Anderson County, Texas.
  • (the region) Canaan, the Holy Land, Israel, the Land of Israel
  • (Roman or Byzantine province) Palaestina
  • (country) State of Palestine, Filastin
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  • Portuguese: Palestina
  • Russian: Палести́на
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