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pegasus (plural pegasuses or pegasi)

  1. A winged horse (imaginary or mythical, sometimes figurative).
  • French: pégase
  • German: Pegasus
  • Italian: pegaso
  • Portuguese: pégaso
  • Russian: пега́с
  • Spanish: pegaso

Proper noun
  1. (Greek mythology) A winged horse fabled to have sprung from the blood of Medusa when she was slain. He is noted for causing, with a blow of his hoof, Hippocrene, the inspiring fountain of the Muses, to spring from Mount Helicon. Bellerophon tamed and rode upon Pegasus when he defeated the Chimaera.
  2. (constellation) A constellation of the northern sky, near the vernal equinox point, representing the winged horse. Its three brightest stars, with the brightest star of Andromeda, form the asterism of the Great Square of Pegasus.
Translations Translations Noun

pegasus (plural Pegasi)

  1. (historical) A coin of ancient Corinth, with a winged horse depicted on the obverse.

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