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  1. (Egyptian mythology) The Egyptian [[god of the Sun]].
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  • French: ,
  • German: Re
  • Portuguese: , Rá
  • Russian: Ра

Ra (plural Ras)

  1. (geology) Any of a series of moraines, in parts of Norway, that are long [[ridges covered with stones]].


Ra (plural Ras)

  1. Initialism of rheumatoid arthritis
  2. (anatomy, medicine) Initialism of right atrium
  3. Initialism of rear admiral, a rank in the Royal Navy.
  4. Initialism of Royal Academician, a member of the Royal Academy.
  5. Initialism of w:resident assistant, a trained student leader, within a college or university, who is given the responsibility of supervising students living in a residence hall.
  6. Initialism of w:Restricted Area, an area that only authorized people can enter. See also Exclusion zone.
  7. Initialism of Rescue Ambulance
Proper noun
  1. Initialism of w:Royal Academy, the Royal Academy of Arts is an art institution based in London, England.
  2. Initialism of w:Royal Artillery, a regiment in the British Army.
  3. Initialism of Republic of Armenia
  4. Initialism of republican army, most often the Provisional IRA.
    Up the RA!
  • Russian: РА

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