1. Initialism of softcover
  2. (proofreading) Initialism of small caps


sc (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) subcutaneous

sc (plural scs)

  1. Initialism of Superior Court
  2. Initialism of Supreme Court
  3. Initialism of Serbo-Croatian
  4. Initialism of South Carolina; see also S.C.
  5. Initialism of StarCraft a strategy PC game
  6. Initialism of status conference
  7. Initialism of Settlement Conference
  8. Initialism of Small Claims
  9. Initialism of State College as used with proper names
  10. Initialism of Senior Counsel
  11. Initialism of w:Security Council of the United Nations
  12. (India) Initialism of Scheduled Caste
  13. (astronomy) supercluster (of galaxies), galaxy superclsuter
  14. (biology) stem cell
  15. (medicine) subcutaneous injection
  16. (crystallography) simple cubic
  17. (physics) superconductor
  18. (physics) supercapacitor
  19. (motorsports) Abbreviation of safety car#English|safety car.: pace car
  20. supercentenarian
Related terms
  • (galaxy supercluster) Cl, ClG Cl*

  1. (philately, chiefly US/Canada) The Scott catalogue of stamp values.
  2. (genetics) Abbreviation of subcosta#English|subcosta.

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