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SMS (plural SMSes)

  1. Initialism of Short Message Service. A text message sent on a cell phone.
  2. (numismatics) Initialism of special mint set
  3. (psychology) Initialism of short man syndrome
  4. (military, nautical) SMS — Seiner Majestät Schiff – literally, "His Majesty's Ship" in German
  5. Safety Management System, a system for identifying and managing risk used in the aviation industry.
  • French: SMS, texto
  • German: SMS, SMS-Nachricht, Textnachricht
  • Portuguese: mensagem de texto, SMS
  • Russian: SMS

SMS (SMSes, present participle SMSing; past and past participle SMSed)

  1. To send a message on a cell phone.
    I SMSed him and asked why he was late.
    I can't talk to her: she is too busy SMSing her friends.
Synonyms Proper noun
  1. (video games) Initialism of Sega Master System

  1. plural form of SM

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