1. Of or pertaining to sepsis.
  2. Causing sepsis or putrefaction.
  3. Of or pertaining to sewage or the disposal of sewage.
    septic tank; septic system
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  • Spanish: séptico

septic (plural septics)

  1. A substance that causes sepsis or putrefaction.
    • 1750, John Pringle, Further Experiments on Substances Resisting Putrefaction, in 1809, Charles Hutton, George Shaw, Richard Pearson (editors), The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Volume X: 1750—1755, [ page 86],
      But, in the prosecution of this subject, he had met with very few real septics; and found many substances, commonly accounted such, of a quite opposite nature.
  2. A septic tank; a system for the disposal of sewage into a septic tank, a septic system.
    • 2008, Alexey Voinov, Systems Science and Modeling for Ecological Economics, [ page 244],
      The question is whether there are any spatial differences in how septics impact water quality, and whether these spatial variations should be considered when regulating septic improvement or removal.
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septic (plural septics)

  1. (mathematics) A mathematical object (function, curve, surface, etc.) of degree seven.
    • 2002, Ingrid C. Bauer, Fabrizio Catanese, Roberto Pignatelli, Canonical Rings of Surfaces Whose Canonical System has Base Points, Ingrid C. Bauer, et al. (editors) Complex Geometry: Collection of Papers Dedicated to Hans Grauert, [ page 66],
      Enriques states that it is possible to construct a family of septics with a singular curve of degree 7 and genus 4 having a triple point that degenerates to the above configuration […] .
    • 2003, Antonio Campillo, Santiago Encinas, Two Dimensional Complete Ideals, Luchezar L. Avramov, et al. (editors), Commutative Algebra: Interactions with Algebraic Geometry: International Conference, ['%20consists%20of%22&f=false page 71],
      Now consider the two septics C = U7i=1Ci, D = U7i=1Di and note that for i = 1,2,3,4,5,6 the lines Ci and Di are parallel, so that the intersection of two septics S' consists of 66[sic] + 6 + 1 = 43 points and it is the singular set of a foliation of degree 6.

septic (not comparable)

  1. (mathematics) Of the seventh degree or order.

septic (plural septics)

  1. (UK, Australia, New Zealand, rhyming slang, derogatory) An American, a Yank.
    • 2011, Roger Rees, Out of Calamity: Stories of Trauma Survivors, [ unnumbered page],
      “Didn′t enjoy the septics,” he says jokingly about the Americans.
    • 2012, John Righten, The Benevolence of Rogues, [ page 97],
      “What′s the septics′ Achilles heel?” I said using the slang septic tank, meaning Yank.


septic (plural septics)

  1. (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Cockney rhyming slang) Alternative form of septic; an American.
    • 1992 February, The Brit Pack, Spin, [ page 41],
      Not only didn′t he want to tour he didn′t even want “Septics” (“Septic Tanks,″ meaning Yanks) to buy his records.
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