Sinese (uncountable)

  1. (rare) The Chinese people or a Chinese person, (particularly) with reference to the historical southern Chinese known to the Greeks and Romans as the Sinae.
    • 1878, Thomas Rawson Birks translating Franz Delitzsch's citation of Neumann in his Commentary on the Book of Isaiah ↗, p. 247 ↗:
      The name Θῖναι, Strabo, Σῖναι, Ptol., Τζίνιτζα, Kosmas, did not obtain currency first from the founder of the dynasty Tsin; but, long before this, Tsin was the name of a feudal kingdom in Shensi, one of the western provinces of the Sinese land, and Feitsa, the first feudal King of Tsin, began to reign as early as smallcaps b.c. 897.

Sinese (not comparable)

  1. (rare, historical) Of or relating to the Sinae or their homeland.

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