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Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. The star that the Earth revolves around and from which it receives light and warmth.

sun (plural suns)

  1. (astronomy) A star, especially when seen as the centre of any single solar system.
  2. The light and warmth which is received from the sun.
    • c. 1610–1611, William Shakespeare, “The VVinters Tale”, in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio), London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed[ward] Blount, published 1623, OCLC 606515358 ↗, [Act I, scene ii]:
      Lambs that did frisk in the sun.
  3. (figurative) Something like the sun in brightness or splendor.
    • Bible, Psalms lxxiv. 11
      For the Lord God is a sun and shield.
    • I will never consent to put out the sun of sovereignity to posterity.
  4. (chiefly, literary) Sunrise or sunset.
    • 1624, Democritus Junior [pseudonym; Robert Burton], The Anatomy of Melancholy: […], 2nd edition, Oxford, Oxfordshire: Printed by John Lichfield and James Short, for Henry Cripps, OCLC 54573970 ↗:
      , p.184 (republished 1832):
      whilst many an hunger-starved poor creature pines in the street, wants clothes to cover him, labours hard all day long, runs, rides for a trifle, fights peradventure from sun to sun, sick and ill, weary, full of pain and grief, is in great distress and sorrow of heart.
  5. The nineteenth trump/major arcana card of the Tarot.
  6. (cartomancy) The thirty-first Lenormand card.

sun (suns, present participle sunning; past and past participle sunned)

  1. (transitive) To expose to the warmth and radiation of the sun.
    Synonyms: apricate
    Beautiful bodies lying on the beach, sunning their bronzed limbs.
  2. (transitive) To warm or dry in the sunshine.
  3. (intransitive) To be exposed to the sun.
  4. (intransitive, alternative medicine) To expose the eyes to the sun as part of the Bates method.

sun (plural sun)

  1. A traditional Japanese unit of length, approximately 30.3 millimetres (1.193 inches).

sun (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of sunn#English|sunn (“the plant”)

  • (British, America) IPA: /sʌn/
Proper noun
  1. The star at the center of the Solar System, represented in astronomy and astrology by ☉.
  2. The 91st sura (chapter) of the Qur'an.
  3. (newspapers) An English tabloid newspaper.
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  • Russian: Сан


  1. Abbreviation of Sunday#English|Sunday.
  • French: dim.
  • German: So., Son., Sonnt.

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