Swiss German

Swiss German (uncountable)

  1. The varieties of Alemannic German spoken in Switzerland.
    • 1990, Stephen Barbour, Patrick Stevenson, Variation in German: A Critical Approach to German Sociolinguistics, page 213:
      Today, it is probably true to say that both varieties have positive prestige but for different reasons and to differing extents: attitudes to Swiss German, as the unifying vernacular that gives the German-Swiss their identity, are positive in every respect, while Swiss standard German enjoys widespread prestige only as a written form that enables them to be part of the international German-speaking community […].
    • 2004, Harald Fuchs, ‎Paul G. Schreier, Züritüütsch isch aifach schön, page xi:
      We do not intend this book to serve as a complete course in Swiss German; rather, it serves as a supplement to those studying the language in a more formal way.
  2. (loosely) Any local form of the German language used in Switzerland; Swiss Standard German.
  • French: allemand de Suisse
  • German: Schweizerdeutsch
  • Russian: швейца́рский неме́цкий

Swiss German (plural Swiss Germans)

  1. A German-speaking person from Switzerland.

Swiss German

  1. Pertaining to the German-speaking part of Switzerland.
  2. Of or relating to one or all of the languages.
    • 2014, Philip Oltermann, The Guardian, 14 Feb 2014:
      Two years ago, there was an uproar in the local media after Coop ran an advertising campaign that used the High German word for "to barbecue", grillen, rather than the Swiss German grillieren.

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