1651 Ukrain, 1671 Ukraine, 1688 Ucrania, Ukrania, 1762 Ocraine. Adaptation of Polish Ukraina, Russian Украи́на, or Ukrainian Украї́на, from the specific use, originally meaning “borderland”, “marches” or “insideland”. Pronunciation
  • (British) IPA: /juːˈkɹeɪn/
  • (America) IPA: /juˈkɹeɪn/, /ˈjuˌkɹeɪn/, [ju̟ˈkɹeɪ̯n], [ˈjuˌkɹeɪ̯n]
Proper noun
  1. A country in Eastern Europe; was long part of the Russian Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire, then of the Soviet Union.
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