• IPA: /ˈwɪnt͡ʃɛstə(ɹ)/, /ˈwɪnt͡ʃɪstə(ɹ)/
Proper noun
  1. A city in and the county town of Hampshire.
    1. The City of Winchester, a local government district in Hampshire
  2. Any of the towns named after it, including:
    1. A city/county seat in Scott County, Illinois.
    2. A home rule city/county seat in Clark County, Kentucky.
    3. CDP in Clark County, Nevada.
    4. A city/county seat in Franklin County, Tennessee.
    5. A city/county seat in Frederick County, Virginia.
    6. A small town in Timaru District, Canterbury.
  3. Surname
  • Russian: Винче́стер

Winchester (plural Winchesters)

  1. A Winchester rifle, typically a lever-action repeater.
    • H. Rider Haggard, King Solomon's Mines
      "Give me my express," I said, laying down the Winchester, and he handed it to me cocked.
  2. A bottle holding a Winchester quart.
  3. (computing, dated) A hard disk.
    • 1984, PC Mag (volume 3, number 2, 7 February 1984, page 234)
      And besides, Winchesters of the nonremovable sort work fine—why bother complicating things with cartridges […]

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