1. (slang, AAVE, sometimes, derogatory) Alternative spelling of white or whitey.
    • 2017 Spring, Tess Griffin, When life gives you lemons, bleach your skin, in Growl (Hofstra English Society & Campus Feminist Collective), issue 1:
      People of color aspire to be light skinned and yt people aspire to be tan. It is only aesthetically pleasing for yt people to be brown.
  1. (obsolete) Abbreviation of that#English|that.
    The King appear'd to be much hurt at this, told me he did not credit what he told him, as he knew yt. you & I had never had any dispute together, & yt. William & you had had some misunderstanding in Germany...

Proper noun
  1. Initialism of Yukon Territory A territory in Canada.
    Coordinate terms: AB#English|AB, BC#English|BC, MB#English|MB, NB#English|NB, NL#English|NL, NS#English|NS, NT#English|NT, NU#English|NU, ON#English|ON, PE#English|PE, QC#English|QC, SK#English|SK
  2. (Internet) Abbreviation of YouTube#English|YouTube, a popular video hosting website.

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