• IPA: /ˈjæŋ(t)si/
Proper noun
  1. The longest river in China that flows to the East China Sea north of Shanghai.
    • It is not till the Yangtze reaches Sha-shih that its character completely changes. The first note of change is a great embankment, thirty feet high, which protects the region from inundation. Below Sha-shih the vast river becomes mixed up with a network of lakes and rivers, connected by canals, the area of the important Tungting Lake being over 2000 square miles.
      Aside from the Turfan depression in Hsin-chiang (Sinkiang) province, the hottest part of China lies in the middle and lower Yangtze Valley. Maximum temperatures of 43°-44°C (110°-112°F) have been recorded in Ch'ang-sha and Nan-ching.
      Early in the summer of 1127 the emperor was located near the city of Nan-ching just south of the Yangtze River.
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