abelian group
  • (America) IPA: /əˈbi.li.ən ɡɹup/, /əˈbil.jən ɡɹup/

abelian group (plural abelian groups)

  1. (algebra) A group in which the group operation is commutative.
    • 1986, Partially Ordered Abelian Groups with Interpolation, American Mathematical Society, 2010 softcover reprint, page 12 ↗,
      Let G and H be partially ordered abelian groups. A positive homomorphism from G to H is any abelian group homomorphism f:G\rightarrow H that maps positive elements to positive elements, that is, f(G^+)\subseteq H^+.
    • 2000, David Arnold, Abelian Groups and Representations of Finite Partially Ordered Sets, Springer, Softcover reprint of 1st edition, page 74 ↗,
      Chapter 2 is a brief introduction to some fundamental techniques for countable torsion-free abelian groups.
    • 2013, Karl H. Hofmann, Sidney A. Morris, The Structure of Compact Groups: A Primer for the Student: A Handbook for the Expert, Walter de Gruyter, page 299 ↗,
      By the end of Chapter 2 we had the full power of the Pontryagin Duality Theorem for compact abelian groups and for discrete abelian groups. Locally compact abelian groups are much closer to compact abelian groups than is apparent at first sight.
  • commutative group
  • French: groupe abélien, groupe commutatif
  • German: abelsche Gruppe, kommutative Gruppe
  • Italian: gruppo abeliano
  • Portuguese: grupo abeliano
  • Russian: а́белева гру́ппа
  • Spanish: grupo abeliano

Abelian group

abelian group (plural abelian groups)

  1. Alternative form of abelian group

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