1. Of or pertaining to absence or to that which is absent.
    • 2012, C. Goekoop, The Logic of Invariable Concomitance in the Tattvacintāmaṇi: Gaṅgeśa’s Anumitinirūpaṇa and Vyāptivāda with Introduction Translation and Commentary, Springer Science & Business Media (ISBN 9789401035118), page 24:
      P denotes absential particular qualification, i.e. the particular qualification relation between an absence and its locus.
    • 2013, Professor Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad, Indian Philosophy and the Consequences of Knowledge: Themes in Ethics, Metaphysics and Soteriology, Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. (ISBN 9781409477464), page 133:
      In presenting an absential conception of liberation as strictly limited to the cessation of experience, the Mīmāmsakas face a problem.
    • 2013, Charles Bambach, Thinking the Poetic Measure of Justice: Hölderlin-Heidegger-Celan, SUNY Press (ISBN 9781438445823), page 267:
      In both expectation and memory we find hope and mourning, traces of the absential in what is no longer and in what is yet to come. Where traditional ontology thinks of being as self~identical presence, Derrida thinks of it as a spectral ghost ...

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