• enPR: əksĕlərā'shən, IPA: /ək.ˌsɛl.ə.ˈɹeɪ.ʃən/, /æk.ˌsɛl.ə.ˈɹeɪ.ʃən/, /ɪk.ˌsɛl.ə.ˈɹeɪ.ʃən/


  1. (uncountable) The act of accelerating, or the state of being accelerated; increase of motion or action; as opposed to retardation or deceleration.
    a falling body moves toward the earth with an acceleration of velocity
  2. (countable) The amount by which a speed or velocity increases (and so a scalar quantity or a vector quantity).
    The boosters produce an acceleration of 20 metres per second per second.
    • Isaac Taylor
      A period of social improvement, or of intellectual advancement, contains within itself a principle of acceleration […]
  3. (physics) The change of velocity with respect to time (can include deceleration or changing direction).
  4. The advancement of students at a rate that places them ahead of where they would be in the regular school curriculum.
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