• (America) IPA: /əkˈsɛs.ə.bəl/


  1. Easy of access or approach. [from 1640s]
    Synonyms: approachable
    an accessible town or mountain
  2. (specifically) Built or designed as to be usable by people with disabilities.
    an accessible website
    accessible public transport
  3. (of a person) Easy to get along with.
    Synonyms: easy-going, friendly, welcoming
  4. (followed by to) Open to the influence of.
  5. Obtainable; to be got at.
  6. (art, literature) Easily understood or appreciated. [from 1961]
    • 2015, Rose Bretécher, Pure, ISBN 9781783521128
      But something new was rippling through a million MySpace profiles. The sound was electro, and bass-laced synthetic dance pop would soon start streaming in from producers in Paris, dizzying the twenteens of Britain with its accessible, anthemic funk.
  7. Capable of being used or seen.
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  • Russian: поддаю́щийся

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