• IPA: /ˈæ.də.mənt/


  1. (said of people and their conviction) firm; unshakeable; unyielding; determined.
  2. (of an object) Very difficult to break, pierce, or cut.
Synonyms Translations Noun

adamant (plural adamants)

  1. An imaginary rock or mineral of impenetrable hardness; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness.
  2. An embodiment of impregnable hardness.
  3. A magnet; a lodestone.
    • 1594–96, William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream:
      You draw me, you hard-hearted adamant:
      But yet you draw not iron, for all my heart
      Is true as steel. Leave you your power to draw,
      And I shall have no power to follow you.

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