• IPA: /ˈædʌmˌbɹeɪt/

adumbrate (adumbrates, present participle adumbrating; past and past participle adumbrated)

  1. To foreshadow vaguely.
  2. To give a vague outline.
    • 1996, John M. Cooper, "Introduction" in Plato: Complete Works, Hackett, p. xxii:
      Accordingly, even though readers always and understandably speak of the theories adumbrated by Socrates here as "Plato's theories", one ought not to speak of them so without some compunction--the writing itself, and also Plato the author, present these always in a spirit of open-ended exploration, and sometimes there are contextual clues indicating that Socrates exaggerates or goes what the argument truly justifies, and so on.
  3. To obscure or overshadow.
Related terms
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