• IPA: /ˈæd.və(ɹ)s/, /ədˈvɜ(ɹ)s/

adverse (comparative adverser, superlative adversest)

  1. Unfavorable; antagonistic in purpose or effect; hostile; actively opposing one's interests or wishes; contrary to one's welfare; acting against; working in an opposing direction.
    adverse criticism
    • Happy were it for us all if we bore prosperity as well and wisely as we endure an adverse fortune.
  2. Opposed; contrary; opposing one's interests or desire.
    adverse circumstances.
  3. (not comparable) Opposite; confronting.
    the adverse page
    the adverse party
    • 1809, Lord Byron, English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, Google Books
      Calpe's adverse height / […] must greet my sight
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  • Portuguese: oposto
  • Russian: противополо́жный
  • Spanish: opuesto

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