• (noun) IPA: /ˈæ.fɪks/
  • (verb) IPA: /ə.ˈfɪks/

affix (plural affixes)

  1. That which is affixed; an appendage.
    Synonyms: addition, supplement, Thesaurus:adjunct
  2. (linguistic morphology) A bound morpheme added to the word’s stem's end.
    Synonyms: suffix, postfix
  3. (linguistic morphology, broadly) A bound morpheme added to a word’s stem; a prefix, suffix etc.
    Antonyms: nonaffix
    hypo en
  4. (mathematics) The complex number a+bi associated with the point in the Gauss plane with coordinates (a,b).
  5. (decorative art) Any small feature, as a figure, a flower, or the like, added for ornament to a vessel or other utensil, to an architectural feature.
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  • Russian: а́ффикс

affix (affixes, present participle affixing; past and past participle affixed)

  1. (transitive) To attach.
    Synonyms: join, put together, unite, Thesaurus:join
    • Should they [caterpillars] affix them to the leaves of a plant improper for their food […]
    to affix a stigma to a person
    to affix ridicule or blame to somebody
  2. (transitive) To subjoin, annex, or add at the close or end; to append to.
    to affix a syllable to a word
    to affix a seal to an instrument
    to affix one's name to a writing
  3. (transitive) To fix or fasten figuratively; with on or upon.
    eyes affixed upon the ground
    • 1596, Edmund Spenser, An Hymn of Heavenly Beauty
      Look thou no further, but affix thine eye/On that bright, shiny, round, still moving mass,/The house of blessed gods, which men call sky,/All sow'd with glist'ring stars more thick than grass...

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